Monday, November 9, 2009

Mother and Daughter: Mar Mikhail

i was driving like always in my car, and than i saw this two tall woman walking in this crowded street and i just jumped on them... yes with my car:)))
can i take a picture of you two ?
They just made my day:)

Lou and Anissa


Anonymous said...

Do you realize you've captured a celebrity chef Anissa Helou on Camera?

Anonymous said...

Oh btw Anissa Helou is on twitter ( and she also has a blog about cooking

So when are you starting tweeting?

Shezshe said...

thanx you for the link identy chef!they and i were so in a hurry that i didnt ask who they where, i always do this:((
but i' ve enjoyed reading her blog !

and oups! actually i have a twitter account but like always i just forgot my password!!! but i' ll come back to it soon:))) and you' ll be the first to know;)

MsGourmet said...

Can you believe Anissa's mama is 78?

Stunning women, amazing genes!

heidi leon said...

yes it's on the genes!!

gorgeous both!

Serpico said...

So... who is who?