Sunday, June 20, 2010


Well do you reconize him?

and now?

The Great

he made an physical appearance in HONEY BABY a lebanese action  movie made 30 years ago.
he was the guy in the driving car, the stunt man, shooting on bad guys with a kalachnikov.

well his friend here, is more precise, the movie was made 40 years and nobody came on cinema to see it, people were to preopcupied  looking at another war happening at that time.

I almost forgot,
if you dont' how he died ,
go find Saadinne at Raouche he will tell all the story,
the TRUE one...


David said...

HaHahahahaha!! Trop bien cherché!

Fadi said...

Je viens de checker ton blog après une longue absence et je kiff. Bon travail ma chère!

je rentre bientot au Liban. Tu me prendras en photo à l'aeroport? Je porterai un truc ridicule, promis!